Leak Adjustment Policy

We recognize that leaks occur and often go unnoticed until an unusually large bill arrives. Prompt repair of water leaks is an important water conservation measure.

Customers are responsible for water pipes inside their house or commercial structure, and for the service line between the building and the water meter.


If you have a leak in the service line between the meter and your house or commercial structure, Soos Creek Water & Sewer District may adjust 1 (one) bill at your request.

To qualify for a leak adjustment, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Within 30 days of discovery, the leak must be permanently repaired.
  2. Within 120 days of final repair, a completed Leak Adjustment Request Form must be provided with photos of the damage and proof of repair including receipts, indicating that a leak existed in the service line between the meter and the house, and payment has been made specifically for repairs to this service line.

This adjustment will be made only once within any five-year period.

The bill adjustment will be a reduction of 50% of the consumption charge for the 2-month billing period being adjusted. The base rate will not be adjusted.

Please see the example bill:


If the leak exists for more than one billing period, the adjustment would be made on the highest consumption bill only.

If a second leak occurs within the same 5 years and the service line is replaced, a second adjustment to 1 (one) bill will be made after photos of the damaged service line and payment receipts for replacement of the service line are provided.

Commercial sewer accounts are also eligible for 1 (one) 50% adjustment within 5 years for the sewer consumption charge only. Proof that your water purveyor granted a water leak adjustment is required.

This leak adjustment policy does not apply to irrigation systems, toilets, hot water tanks, hose bibs, or any other plumbing inside or outside of the house.

To request a leak adjustment, please fill out and return a Leak Adjustment Request Form.

Customers will be contacted within 14 days following receipt of the Leak Adjustment Form and required materials if additional information is required or the leak adjustment is denied.

If a leak adjustment is approved, an e-mail or letter will be sent indicating the amount of adjustment applied and the remaining balance owing on the account.

Contact customer service at 253-630-9900 or customer_service@sooscreek.com with any questions.