Developer Extension Agreements

Commercial projects, short plats, subdivisions and main line extensions require a Developer Extension (DE) Agreement with the District. The DE Agreement is a legally binding contract with Soos Creek Water and Sewer District to install services to the standards and specifications of the District. 

A pre-application meeting for development projects is required and must be scheduled in advance. The cost is $300 per meeting, the project engineer or developer must attend in person, others are welcome to attend in person or virtually via Teams. 

Please email to schedule a pre-application meeting.

Upon completion of the pre-application meeting developers may apply to enter into a DE Agreement with the District.

Please submit your DE application with two full-size plan sets, an AutoCAD and application fee of $1,250 per utility to the District office. The application fee covers the cost of the initial plan review, subsequent plan reviews may be subject to additional fees. 

Developer Extension Application

Developer Extension Application

DE Flow Chart

Process and Time Frames of DE Projects

DE Agreement Sample Forms

Plan Layout Examples

DE Sample Forms