Development Services Department

Availability Certificates

Soos Creek Water and Sewer District prepares availability certificates as requested to comply with the requirements of all jurisdictions within our service area. To apply for an availability certificate, click here for instructions. Certificates are emailed to the email provided on the application. Availability Certificate Fee is $100 per utility

Water and Sewer Connection Charges

Please email the development department at for connection fees and information. Please provide the address and parcel number in your inquiry. Site plans and site improvement information is also helpful to receive an accurate connection quote. Please note, quotes are subject to change without notice. 

Permits and Inspections

To apply for a permit, please select the appropriate application below and email the completed form to Once your permit has been prepared, you will receive an email notification with connection fees. The permit specialist will request that you visit our office to sign your permit, pay the required fees and obtain a copy for your records.

To schedule an inspection, please call 253-630-9900 x 5 and reference the permit number notated on your copy.  

Please visit the Development Standard Specs page for side sewer details and specifications.  

Water Permits Application

Sewer Permits Application

Side Sewer Repairs

Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of their side sewer connection between the house and main line, however, Soos Creek Water and Sewer District regulates installation and repairs. Please email us at before you begin so we may provide a side sewer drawing for your current line, also, please call 811 for utility locates before digging.

Side sewer repairs require a permit, please use the above Sewer Permits Application link for sewer repair permits and email to our development department. For questions regarding side sewer repair permits, please call 253-630-9900 x 5. Visit the Standard Specs page for side sewer details and specifications.

Abbreviated Side Sewer Standards

Water Meter Installations and Repairs

Soos Creek Water and Sewer District is responsible for all water service and meter installations within the District's service area. Connection charges, permits and construction deposits are required prior to installation. Meters for commercial properties, fire suppression and irrigation may have additional requirements such as backflow assemblage testing prior to meter installation.

Soos Creek does not require repair permits for maintenance on your private water line between the meter and residence. Our maintenance responsibility stops at the meter. Property owners are responsible for repair and maintenance of water pipes located on their property. We do not have location information for water pipes on private property. Please contact customer service at for leaks at the meter or in the right of way.

Frequently Asked Questions