Water Conservation

At Soos Creek Water & Sewer District water conservation is a high priority. After all, water is one of our most precious resources. We will update this page periodically to provide you with water saving tips and suggestions. For information about ways to save water, visit www.savingwater.org

Avoid water waste and high water bills by finding and fixing leaks. How to Check for a Leak

Money-Saving Opportunities for Apartment Owners and Property Managers

Installing water-efficient fixtures and appliances is the key to saving water and lowering utility costs in multifamily housing.

Get Cash Incentives to Cut Water Use

Owners of buildings served by Soos Creek Water & Sewer District can get financial assistance to install water-efficient toilets, washers, and irrigation systems.

For more information, visit www.savingwater.org to download a rebate application form.

Save With Every Flush

Did you know that toilets are the biggest water wasters in the home? Whether you have a very old toilet or a more modern model you could save thousands of gallons of water and up to $100 a year with the new generation of efficient toilets without sacrificing performance.

When choosing new toilets, look for Premium toilets (1.1 gallons per flush) with the WaterSense label. These models have been independently tested for performance, efficiency, and quality and are available in local stores.

Local water utilities are partnering with local retailers to promote WaterSense toilets and demonstrate the water and money savings these toilets can generate. Participating retailers include Aurora Plumbing, Home Depot, Junction True Value, McLendon Hardware, Morgan Electric & Plumbing and Pacific Supply (a complete list is available at www.Savingwater.org). Drop by and check out the new generation of efficient toilets.