Leak Adjustment Policy

We recognize that leaks occur and are often unnoticed until an unusually large bill arrives. Please note that customers are responsible for water pipes inside their house as well as between the water meter and the house.

We can sometimes adjust one bill following identification and repair of a leak in the service line.


If you have a leak in the service line between the meter and the house, Soos Creek Water & Sewer District may adjust one bill at the customer’s request. The customer must provide photos and evidence of repair including receipts indicating a leak existed in the service line between the meter and the house, and payment has been made specifically for repairs to this service line.

• Such an adjustment will be made only once within any five year period; however, if following a second leak the service line is replaced, a second adjustment will be made once the line replacement has been verified by photos and receipts specifically for payment of replacement of the service line and/or inspection of the line.

• This leak adjustment policy does not apply to irrigation systems, toilets, hot water tanks or any other plumbing inside or outside of the house.

• Adjustments will be made at 50% of the total consumption for the billing period. The base rate will not be figured into the adjustment. Example: (Base rate) + (Consumption x 50%) = Adjusted Bill.

• A commercial sewer bill will be adjusted to the average usage when given a leak adjustment.

• If the leak covers more than one billing period, the adjustment would be given on the higher consumption of the two bills.

To request a leak adjustment, please fill out and return a Leak Adjustment Request Form.

Contact customer service at 253-630-9900 or customer_service@sooscreek.com with any questions.